Mountains are not real
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Imagine if they were metal.


SO EXCITED FOR FALL…. out boy’s new stuff

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The Anatomy of a mermaid



A garage to park your boat, on your yacht.

rich people are f**ked up

  • homestucks 2011: hello yes we are here we are hated yes take a look at all of these hilarious gifs
  • homestucks 2012: invading every convention like our lives depend on it also god damn check out all these updates wow we are alive we are strong
  • homestucks 2013: okay we are still very much here but we come in waves please don't hate us anymore we're still pretty cool
  • homestucks 2014: who am i. what am i. im so embarassed do not look at me im trash im 100% homestuck trash in 20 fuckin g 14

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my school has this fb page where students can sell their old stuff and i’ve been laughing at this girl’s post for 85 years

Augustus Waters was a cocky son of a bitch but we forgave him.